Yesterday was my 59th birthday.  I celebrated by climbing up high into the mountains above Santa Fe, feeling fortunate for being born at a time of year when nature so beautifully marks the ending of a season and the start of a new one, and reflecting on my own rotation around the sun.

Giving thanks for my blessings from this past year, and looking into my intentions for the next, I realized that one thing I am grateful for was the opportunity to give a Biomimicry talk at the 2019 Festival of Faiths in Louisville, KY… and that I hadn’t yet sent it out to this community.

I was asked to speak about Nature’s Models for Regeneration– reflecting on what we can learn from the natural world about cycles of disruption, ending, and renewal, as exemplified lessons for these disturbing and pivotal times we are living through.

Since I also have an intention to share more with the world from my learnings about nature’s amazing and evolutionary success strategies, today feels like a good day to reach out to you all with this offering.

If you are so inclined, I invite you to join me, for 22 minutes, in this exploration of “What Would Nature Do?…”. I’d welcome any comments, either responding to this post on the Biomimicry for Social Innovation Facebook Page, or on our website, here.

Let’s keep learning – together – from nature’s teachers that are all around us, about how to be resilient in these evolutionary times, how to allow breakdown of that which no longer serves us, and how to welcome new cycles of life-affirming growth.

To life,