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Friday, October 23, 2020

12:00PM HST / 3:00pm PT / 4:00pm MT / 6:00pm ET


The Institute For Climate and Peace Presents


The Institute for Climate and Peace, based in Honolulu, Hawai’i, is dedicated to advancing inclusive processes to build peaceful and climate-resilient futures for all, with a particular focus on Hawaii and the Pacific-Asia region.
They have recently embraced Biomimicry as a central focus of their work.

This participatory session is an opportunity to engage with leaders from Hawai’i and the Pacific Rim, applying Life’s lessons to island communities as they ensure resilient and collaborative capacities for the future.

This event is free and open to all.


September 12-17, 2021

Living Systems Leadership Workshop – A Retreat for Women

Nature-inspired tools & practices
Enlivened with play, wonder, curiosity, inquiry

Now in its third year! 

“I had no idea how deeply this retreat would touch me, teach me, inspire me, move me, and how it continues to ripple through me even after it is over … A rare and precious opportunity to witness and experience what is embodied leadership from billions of years of evolutionary process distilled into a retreat. Amazing!

– 2019 participant

September 12-17, 2021 Ocamora Retreat Center in Northern New Mexico
Are you a woman looking for proven strategies to help lead toward a sustainable and regenerative future? Are you passionate about the natural world and how life’s evolutionary processes can inform a pathway forward for humanity? Are you curious about nature’s intelligence as a model for leadership practices, organizational strategy, or social change, and would you like to learn how to tap into that seemingly infinite source of innovation and inspiration? 

Toby Herzlich, Founder, Biomimicry for Social Innovation
Rachel Bagby, Award Winning Activist / educator and Vocal Artist
Karen Allen, Biologist, Restoration Ecologist, & Certified Biomimicry Professional


Upcoming events will be posted here. Check back soon!

Selected Past Events

Biomimicry for Social Innovation in Slovenia!

Discover Nature’s Genius for Social Innovation

June 10 – 16, 2019 – Lenar Farms, Logar Valley, Slovenia

Once again, Toby Herzlich, founder of Biomimicry for Social Innovation, and Dayna Baumeister of Biomimicry 3.8 are partnering to offer an immersive workshop into the world of biomimicry as applied to social innovation. This is our fifth year of collaborating in this space and we are excited to bring you the “best of” all we’ve learned and practiced over the years.

Click here for more info or to register

Think Like an Ecosystem Biomimicry for Social Innovation

in partnership with Biomimicry 3.8

June 12 – 14 & 15 – 16, 2018 NYC
A three-day training that cross pollicates the fieldds of biomimicry and social innovation utilizing the old growth forests and shorelines of New York City.
PLUS: 2-day Design Workshop Lab

Toby Herzlich, Founder, Biomimicry for Social Innovation
Dayna Baumeister, Co-Founder Biomimicry 3.8



Bioneers conference 2016

October 21-23, San Rafael, CA.  Biomimicry’s Leadership Lessons from the Living Earth
Discover how Biomimicry is evolving from its roots as a design discipline into a leadership pathway for cultivating a collaborative, resilient, and regenerative society. Learn “Life’s Principles” as leadership practices to apply to your own organizational and social change challenges.

Toby Herzlich, Founder, Biomimicry for Social Innovation

Social Innovation


June 25-30, 2016 | De Spreeuwelse Heide, near Eindhoven in Westelbeers, the Netherlands
Join us as Biomimicry 3.8, Biomimicry for Social Innovation, and Biomimicry Netherlands collaborate to explore the fusion of biomimicry and social innovation this summer, bringing the highly acclaimed Biomimicry Thinking for Social Innovation workshop to Europe for the first time. During an immersion experience that will take place among the moorlands and heather fields of the Netherlands, workshop participants will explore the lessons nature has to teach us about thriving in a more adaptable, resilient, cooperative, and networked world.


SXSW Eco Conference
Explore emerging solutions to these questions and more with three related perspectives and frameworks for biomimicry business, social innovation, and financial models.

Toby Herzlich, Founder and Principal, Biomimicry for Social Innovation
Jamie Brown-Hansen, European Biomimicry Alliance – Managing Partner/BSwiss
Katherine Collins, Honeybee Capital – Founder & CEO
Victoria Keziah, Net Generative LLC – Principal

October 2015 Austin Convention Center

Biomimicry Thinking for Social Innovation

Immersion Workshop, in partnership with Biomimicry 3.8First-of-its-kind workshop bringing together a diverse group of business, education, policy, and social change leaders to focus on the social innovation applications of biomimicry. Participants learned to apply design lessons from nature to reimagine ways to grow resilient prganizations and foster a regenerative society. read more

Toby Herzlich, Founder and Principal, Biomimicry for Social Innovation
Dayna Baumeister, Co-Founder Biomimicry 3.8

April 2015, California redwoods, coast, and oak woodlands
Will be offered again in 2016/2017


Engaging Change: Looking to Nature for Organizational Inspiration & Innovation

Sustainable Brands
Offering specific examples from living systems to give leaders fresh ideas for creating whole systems innovation in their work — engaging the three necessary levels of the ‘Wheel of Change’: hearts and minds, behavior, and structures.

Toby Herzlich, Founder and Principal, Biomimicry for Social Innovation
Emily Sadigh, Sustainability Project Manager, Alameda County
Julie Sammons, Principal, ZOA Labs

October 2013 webinar

Biomimicry – a New Lens on Leadership

SELAH Annual Network Gathering
January 2013 Workshop, Philadelphia
An introduction to biomimicry as a leadership and organizational change discipline, presented to a network of 100 Jewish social justice leaders.

Toby Herzlich, Founder and Principal, Biomimicry for Social Innovation


  • Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce

    “Biomimicry for Business – How would nature do it?” Nov 2014

  • University of Montana Environmental Studies Graduate Program

    “Leadership practices the way nature would do it” Oct 2014

  • Rockwood Leadership Institute, Cross Movement Yearlong

    “Biomimicry as a Leadership Pathway” June 2014

  • Bioneers National Conference

    “Leadership Lessons form the Living Earth” Oct 2013 and 2014

  • Montana Nonprofit Association Annual Conference

    “Organizational Development Inspired by Living Systems” Oct 2013


  • Rockwood Leadership Institute – nature-based planning

  • Levi Strauss and Company – biomimicry design workshop, in partnership with Biomimicry 3.8

  • Sierra Club – strategic planning and organizational leadership development

  • Young Climate Leaders Network – yearlong leadership development